Bapatla agriculture college
Bapatla agriculture college
Bapatla agriculture college

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring together the then students of B.Sc(AG) of agriculture college of Bapatla (1966-70) Guntur Dist A.P under the banner of AG College Bapatla 1970 Endowment fund, to help financially the poor & meritorious of the college prosecuting there studies now by sanctioning scholarship/s year wise.

  • To conduct seminars /workshops at various places in the state concerning crops cultivation and their protection practices for the benefit of the farming community by utilizing the services of the members or inviting other agriculture scientist from Agriculture Colleges in A.P or inviting other eminent persons in the field from across India.

  • To conduct lecture /seminars in Agriculture Colleges, Bapatla in various fields of Agriculture for the benefit of students in enhancing their knowledge by inviting subject matter specialist/s in different fields available in A.P or across other places in India. If such specialist /s is/ are already a member/s of the said society their services can also be utilized.

  • To endeavor and strive for providing necessary infrastructure to the extent possible for the benefit of the students of the Agriculture College Bapatla by providing funding for computer hardware, text books, lab equipments, and other infrastructure etc and providing facilities in the play areas for the benefit of the students of the college.

  • To strive for getting sponsors for the poor and meritorious student of the college so that full/part of the tuition fee is funded by such sponsors/s to the eligible students.

  • To honor the students who graduated from the agriculture college Bapatla for there remarkable achievements in the field of Agriculture, Banking & Finance and other state/ central services.

  • To raise fund from the members or from public for achieving the objectives of the society in the manner and the extent approved by the general body.

  • To do/ conduct all such activities necessary or expedient for the accomplishment of the afore said objectives of the society.

  • To conduct periodical activities of the society that will create harmonious atmosphere among the members of the society like get together meetings and sight seeing programs.

  • To undertake any other activity which is deemed fit and accepted by the majority of the members.

  • To grant relief or render assistance in kind to the needy victims during natural calamities such as earthquake, flood, fire, pestilence etc in the state of A.P.

  • To conduct health camps in various areas of the state for the benefit of the farmers and the needy public.



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